“Oman’s diverse locations and rich cultural heritage are an ideal set up for filming enticing documentaries and breathtaking scenes; from desert landscape to sandy beaches, or rural villages to quaint cities, we can help you find the best locations for your shooting and provide the logistics to help you get the most out of your shooting. Our team knows not only the best places, but can also recommend the best time and season suitable for your subject. Our team members are locally knowledgeable and culturally-sensitive and can offer advice and expertise regarding traditions, languages and customs.”

Rural Life

Oman is home to villages that are still semi untouched by the new modern wave of developments that took over the country in the last 40 years.... More Images


You can find in Sur one of the oldest still operating shipyards of wooden boats. Notably, Soltana ship that sailed from Zanzibar to New York City... More Images


Muscat is a jewel of a town with a uniform architecture, white short buildings, arched windows and clean streets.  Mosques, hotels, government... More Images


Oman has many ports and marinas that once were crammed with trading and fishing boats (dows). Some of the old dows are still handmade today in the... More Images


There are hundred of forts and fortresses all over Oman that can be used as a door to the glorious past. Some nestled on top of mountains, and... More Images


You can find everything in Souqs and covered markets across Oman. From jewelry, to cows, to Omani frankincense, these places offer a great way to... More Images

Subtropical forest

In the south of Oman and around Salalah, the South East monsoon winds hit from mid-June to mid-September resulting in a lush green vegetation and... More Images

Oman mountain chains offer spectacular rock formations and rich geological layers that range in colors from deep red to hues of ochre. The landscape... More Images

Oman has many breathtaking white sand beaches that run along its coastline. Nestled between cliff drop backgrounds and a coral heaven deep blue... More Images


Canyons, or locally called “Wadis”, are protected by the mountain ranges and boast a milder climate that housed people for generations. There you... More Images


Sharqiya Sands is one of the most beautiful deserts on the Arabian Peninsula. Its red and yellow colored dunes stretch all the way to the sea and... More Images